I’m sorry you’re leaving the USA. I hope you are not leaving mathematics and will continue to formulate conjectures theorems and proofs. [8/27/08]

I am a retired mathematician in Thessaloniki (Greece). My blog name may be read either as “the mathematics of crystals” or “one who knows about crystals”. The mathematics behind the post-card below is made crystally clear, both online and on paper, in my 2007 book ISOMETRICA. Please drop me a line (gbaloglou at gmail) or comment on my posts if you have any questions or suggestions.



4 Responses to “About”

  1. crystallomath Says:


  2. crystallomath Says:

    test again

  3. ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ Says:


    den gnwriza pws exeis blog!!!

  4. panos1962Panos Papadopoulos Says:

    Κι ύστερα λες εμένα πού βρίσκω το χρόνο να διαβάσω Τζον Γκρίσαμ 😉

    Συγχαρητήρια, καλορίζικο και καλή δύναμη!

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